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Received an email about your login experience changing to Atlassian account?

We won't give an Atlassian account to your customers if they are marked in User management as Portal only. We will upgrade all users who are not restricted to portal access to Atlassian account. Read more below to understand which account is best for your customers.

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How do I know which account is best for my customers?

Look at your relationship with your customer to determine the account that makes sense for them. Here's a look at the benefits and relationships we recommend for each type of account:

  Atlassian account Portal-only account

You can easily grant these users licenses to your other Atlassian Cloud apps, like:

  • JIRA Software
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • HipChat

These users can access your service desks' customer portals or submit requests via email. Their log-in experience does not change.

If needed, you can move these users to an Atlassian account individually .


Customers who you collaborate with, or may need more access in the future.

In the Application access section of their user profile, these users either have licenses to other JIRA cloud apps or have no checkboxes ticked.

Customers who you:

  • view strictly as a client
  • don't forsee collaborating with in future projects

In the  Application access  section of their user profile, the  Restricted portal access  checkbox should be ticked.

How do I check that my customers will get the correct account?

To check that your customers will get the right account:

  1. Go to   > User management.
  2. Select a user to view their profile.
  3. Under Application access, choose to tick or untick the Restricted portal access checkbox.

I have a lot of users that I need to restrict to portal-only access. Do I have to tick the box in each of their profiles one by one?

Depending on how you use your site, you may need to restrict a heap of users to portal-only access. Don't fret. We created a new list in user management that shows users who:

  • Do not have a license
  • Do not belong to a group
  • Are not yet marked as portal-only

To mark all the users on this list as portal only:

  1. Navigate to:


    For example,

  2. Select Mark all as portal only. 
  3. Select Mark all.

Marking users as portal only ticks the Restricted portal access checkbox in their user profiles.

Will my customer's log-in experience change?

Yes. Your customers' log-in experience is a little different.

Your customers' previous experience:


Your customers' new experience:


Customers need to sign in using their email address. Their username is no longer supported.

My site transitioned to Atlassian accounts. How can I give licenses to customers I want to collaborate with in JIRA or Confluence?

Users must use Atlassian account to collaborate with your teams in your Atlassian Cloud apps. You can manage these customers individually from your site's administration pages. To convert a customer to Atlassian account (and grant them access or licenses to your Atlassian apps):

  1. Go to  > User management.
  2. Select Portal only customers in the sidebar, under JIRA Serice Desk
  3. Select a customer to view their profile.
  4. Select Convert to Atlassian account.

Newly converted customers must log in using their Atlassian account credentials after you convert them. If they are new to Atlassian Cloud, they need to verify their email address.

Can portal-only customers use my knowledge base?

Yes. Portal-only customers can view knowledge base articles in your customer portal.

For customers to log into Confluence and collaborate on pages, convert them to Atlassian account . Don't worry about licensing. You don't need to give them application access to Confluence. Converting a customer to Atlassian account does not affect your current pricing.

Anything else I should know?

After the transition to Atlassian accounts, portal-only customers can't log in at your site's root URL (for example, They must use the portal's specific URL.

To find this URL in your project:

  1. Select Customer channels from the project sidebar.
  2. Copy the URL under Customer portal.

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