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September 30, 2103

Board administrators in JIRA Agile

A board can now have multiple board administrators, instead of a single owner. When you configure a board, you will be able to add multiple groups and users. Any users specified in the Board Administrators field (individually or via a group) will have all of the same permissions as the owner field in previous versions of JIRA Agile. Learn more...

September 23, 2013

Branch restrictions introduced in Bitbucket

You can now control who can commit to specific branches in a repository. Read more...

Introducing Space Blueprints for Confluence

A space created with a space blueprint features a customized homepage, sidebar and contains useful page blueprints for creating content. The set up is all done for you. In this release you will be able to choose from a blank space, team space, knowledge base and personal space (if you do not already have a personal space). 

Promoted blueprints and templates in the Create dialog

Space administrators can now promote specific blueprints and templates so they feature prominently in the Create dialog for a space. Show what is relevant to that space and hide the rest. 

The promoted templates or blueprints will appear at the top, with all other content types, including Blank Page and Blog Post collapsed under them. To view the other types of content available choose Show more in the Create dialog.  Create a Knowledge Base space to see it in action.

To promote a blueprint or template go to Space Tools > Content Tools.  

Improvements to Confluence's Livesearch macro

We have improved the look and functionality of the Livesearch macro. You can now restrict the search to specific labels, content types and more.  See this macro in action in the Knowledge Base space blueprint.

September 19, 2013

New JIRA Agile features and improvements

  • Click any of the statistics on the Sprint Health gadget to drill down to detailed information on that statistic. For example, click Blockers and you will be shown the search for blockers for the sprint.
  • Ever wondered why a Create sprint or Start sprint button/link is disabled on your board in Plan mode? Hover over either of these controls and a tooltip will show you exactly why it is disabled.
  • Quick Filters (Plan/Work mode) are now rolled up into a single line, rather than spanning multiple lines. Click the Show more link to show all filters and collapse them into a single line again via the Show less link.
  • The Give feedback button won't clutter your view in JIRA Agile anymore. We still love hearing your feedback, but we've made the button a little less conspicuous, so it doesn't get in your way.

September 16, 2013

Edit project key

One of the most voted for feature requests has been implemented in this release: the ability to edit a project key. You won't need to create a new project and bulk move issues anymore — just update a single field to edit the key for an existing project. This is easy to do, but please note that it has wide-ranging implications for your projects and related data. Learn more...

Create different types of spaces in Confluence

You can now create different types of spaces from the Create Space dialog.  Choose from Blank Space, Personal Space (if you do not already have a personal space) and Team Space, with more to come. 

A wizard will prompt you for information relevant to the type of space. For example if you select Team Space, you will be prompted to enter your team members, who are then listed on the space homepage and added as watchers of the space. 


We've introduced a brand new blueprint - Shared Links.  Choose Create > Share a link and share the great stuff you find on the web and discuss it with your team. To make sharing links even faster, you can add a Share on Confluence button to your browser's bookmarks bar. Click this button and the webpage you are currently viewing will be added as a shared link!

September 9, 2013

JIRA Bitbucket Importer now available

The new JIRA Bitbucket Importer plugin is now available and bundled with OnDemand. This plugin allows you to import issue data from Bitbucket into your local JIRA site. See this page for more information. 

Introducing Team Calendars 4

The latest version of Team Calendars focuses on simplifying the process of creating calendars and events. You can now create different event types within the one calendar, show and hide those event types, and easily embed a stream of JIRA releases or Agile sprints.  Read the full release notes... 

Upgrade Task for Confluence

As part of this update to Confluence a migration task will create a new version of each page / blog in your site. The version history of your pages will show 'Migrated to Confluence 5.3'.


Last modified on May 27, 2016

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