Set up Google Apps for your site

Managing Google Apps users

Some user management tasks are done in Atlassian Cloud user management, and some tasks in the Organization & Users section of your Google Apps admin pages.

To Go to
Manage details of users who belong to Google Apps domains* Google Apps administration
Reset user passwords** Google Apps administration
Set password policy Google Apps administration
Assign users to groups & manage group access permissions Atlassian Cloud administration
Manage users' application access Atlassian Cloud administration

Create, delete/deactivate and rename external users

Atlassian Cloud administration

* Any changes you make in Google Apps will be synced to Atlassian Cloud administration within four hours. You can deactivate/delete Google users in Atlassian Cloud administration, but you'll need to delete/suspend the user from Google Apps to prevent the user being synced back into Atlassian Cloud and activated. 

** Resetting the user password in the Google domain administration will reset the password used to log into Google. To reset the password used for Atlassian Cloud services, you must use the Atlassian Cloud administration screens. Read more in  Passwords and Google Apps.

Managing Google Apps passwords

Google Apps passwords are managed separately from Atlassian Cloud, because it's an external password management system. You can reset a user's Google Apps password and manage your users' password policy in Google Apps administration. 

Managing Atlassian Cloud users

You can still create and manage non-Google Apps users in Atlassian Cloud - you might choose to create non-Google Apps accounts for external contractors, for example. However, Atlassian Cloud users still count toward your user license limit, just like Google Apps users. This means that any users you create may increase your bill.

Managing Atlassian Cloud passwords

All users, including those managed through Google Apps, must enter their Atlassian Cloud password to use RSS feeds, REST API access, or WebDAV uploads. 

All Atlassian Cloud passwords your users create will stick to a generic password policy that we've set. This policy can't be changed by administrators. Users can reset their Atlassian Cloud password by following the instructions in Manage your profile and password.

Set default application access

After you enable Google Apps, you can set up which applications new Google users have access to, and which groups they're placed in when the users are initially created. See Manage application access for full details.

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