Support for cloud migrations


Learn how Atlassian can help support you as you move from server or Data Center to our cloud products.

During the server to cloud migration process, it’s crucial for customers to have access to Atlassian migration experts. We like to think of your migration as the biggest (and last) upgrade you’ll ever have to make. 

We know successfully planning and executing a move to cloud can be daunting, but we're here to help every step of the way.

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This page covers:

Important changes to our server and Data Center products

We’re making changes to our server and Data Center products, including the end of sale for new server licenses on February 2, 2021 and the end of support for server on February 2, 2024. Learn what this means for you

 Shared migration roles and responsibilities

We have experts in place to help you at every step of your migration, from assessment to getting up and running in cloud. Not every migration requires this level of support, but for an enterprise migration, your support journey may look something like the diagram below.

Diagram depicting the Atlassian migration support journey

As the diagram suggests, two of the primary roles you may work with are Cloud Migration Managers and Migration Support Engineers.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Managers

Cloud Migration Managers specialize in helping our customers plan and prepare for their migration to cloud. They can discuss your organization’s goals, help define success criteria, ensure you’re following best practices for success, and provide you with the right guidance to make the successful transition to cloud.

Atlassian Migration Support Engineers

We also offer dedicated technical support for migrators. Our Migration Support Engineers are there to help ensure you have a sound technical plan in place for your migration, user and group migration strategy, are able to migrate your data to cloud, and resolve any technical issues post-migration.

Shared responsibility matrix

To help further clarify who does what, we’ve listed some of the key players involved in a migration, along with who’s responsible for which tasks. The goal for this responsibility matrix is to give you an idea of which activities we can support, whether you may need the help of a Partner, and how you may engage with third-party app vendors.


  • Indicates additional support for enterprise migrations. These are defined as customers that will have 1,000 or more active users in cloud, or that are moving to a 1,000 user or higher annual cloud subscription.

** Indicates additional support for customers migrating 200 or more active users to cloud.



Customer or Partner


App vendor


Cloud products overview

Cloud features overview

Cloud pricing overview

Migration options

Cloud Migration Trial


Legal review

Security review


Preparing a cloud business case

App audit

TCO assessment


Cloud product assessment


Discovery call


Project management

Cloud site setup

Guidance on migration best practices

Guidance on data migration plan

Guidance on a user migration plan

App migration plan


Change management

Server cleanup

Server security review

Server upgrades

Merging instances

Administrator training

Runbook review



Product user and data migration

App data migration

User Acceptance Testing


Weekend support

Product user and data migration

App data migration

Data validation and testing

Link remapping


User communications

User onboarding and training

To better understand the overall migration process and where these roles fit in, check out the server to cloud migration guide

Atlassian cloud migration support scope

Understand what support services we offer for migrations and if you may benefit from Partner assistance. 

What we support

These are things that our team is able to help you (or your Atlassian Partner) with.

Supported items:
  • Answering product, pricing, billing, and licensing questions

  • Guidance on planning your migration

  • Guidance on choosing a migration strategy and tool

  • Guidance on the execution process and production runbook creation

  • Guidance on user and group migration

  • Guidance on Atlassian Access and SSO setup

  • Guidance on the creation of a server data export

  • Guidance on importing the server data export into cloud

  • Pre-scheduled support for weekend and holiday migrations

  • Support for technical issues during testing or production migration*

  • If you encounter a technical issue after following the documentation and using Atlassian migration tools, Atlassian Support may offer to execute the data migration on your behalf. They will create a migration runbook that has a specific list of steps needed to complete the migration, which can be used to execute another test or production migration.

What we don’t currently support

In general, our support team is there to guide you through migration and ensure you have the information you need to be successful. You, or the Partner you’re working with, will need to execute the recommendations with the guidance of our support team.

Below are some of the specific things that you, or a Partner or App Vendor, are primarily responsible for:
  • App analysis*

  • App migration*

  • Upgrading a server instance

  • Merging multiple instances

  • Cleaning up your server instances pre-migration

  • User cleanup and merging duplicate accounts

  • Post-migration testing

  • Administrator training

  • Onboarding and training users

If you’re looking for migration services that fall outside of the scope of what we support, we recommend considering a Partner to help with your migration.

  • If you plan to migrate app data as part of your move to cloud, note that this requires working directly with the app vendor or in some cases a Partner (for example, where the app vendors themselves do not offer support). Atlassian's migration support team can help advise on best practices but we do not currently support migrating app data – app vendors are the subject matter experts and are best positioned to support this. Learn more about migrating apps to cloud.

Weekend support

For production migrations that occur over a weekend or holiday, we'll have support engineers available for pre-scheduled migration support.

To ensure we have the appropriate resources in place, we request that you give us two weeks' notice in advance regarding the migration start time by contacting us. After receiving your request, we'll ensure we have support available through the weekend as needed to help complete the migration. If you're still having trouble Monday morning with the migration, our normal support team will take over to help resolve any issues during that time.

The following page lists the hours of availability for support for each of our plans: Atlassian Support Offerings

Additional support for enterprise migrations

For customers that will have a 1,000-user or higher cloud subscription, we offer additional support services to help you plan and execute your migration. This free service is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our customers succeed in cloud. 

To take full advantage and ensure you're on the right track, we recommend getting in touch early in your migration.

Support for Server Starter license and Cloud Free customers

While we typically offer only Community Support for customers on Server Starter licenses or Cloud Free plans, we recognize that you may run into technical challenges or questions during your migration that require contacting our support team.

Note that this extension of support applies only to your migration to cloud. Learn more about support services and eligibility.

When to consider using a Partner

Pending your team’s level of expertise, your migration complexity, and timeline, Atlassian Solution Partners are trained to help customers move to cloud successfully and with minimal disruption. 

We recommend working with a partner if you have a more complex migration, or need assistance executing on the guidance our support team provides.

Your migration might qualify if you:
  • have limited internal resources to help with this project

  • need help with things outside of the scope of Atlassian support, including User Acceptance Testing, server upgrades, or user training

  • need help with migration project management, planning, and execution

  • have a complex merging scenario

  • need to migrate five or more business-critical apps

  • have specific security and compliance needs

  • need to migrate over 1,000 users

To find a partner to help with your migration, just get in touch.

How to contact migration support

To ensure customers have a successful migration, we offer a variety of support services throughout your migration. Take a moment to review them before getting in touch.

Contact migration support

To get in touch with our cloud migration experts as quickly as possible, fill out a migration support ticket:

  1. Visit our support contact form. Make sure you're signed in using your cloud or server administrator account. 

  2. In the first dropdown menu, choose Migration support. This will ensure your ticket is routed directly to the migration support team.

  3. Then, fill out the additional fields with as much information as possible.

What to include

The more detail you provide, the better targeted guidance we can provide. Helpful information includes:

  • what stage in your migration you're at

  • which products you plan on migrating

  • which direction you're migrating to and from

  • any merging or consolidation you'll need to do

  • how many users you need to migrate

  • your overall timeline

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

Last modified on Dec 16, 2020

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