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What is a team?

A team is a collection of accounts that form a real-world team. Teams have a profile, members, work, and resources.

The Team Profile is where you can describe it’s purpose, goals, and add a bold splash image.

As a member of the team, your activity contributes to the team’s Work section, and the team is displayed on your profile.

Work shows Jira tickets and Confluence pages that multiple team members have worked on. The content a viewer can see will depend on the permissions granted at the content. For example, a viewer without access to a page the team has worked on will not be able to see the page listed here.

Team links provide a way to connect a team to any resource, relevant for members or non-members. Connect the team to their Jira project, their Confluence space, their dashboards or analytics, their onboarding documentation, or their current project poster.

How do I use a team?

Start a team

Just go to <sitename>, and use the Start a team button to get started with a team.

This creates a team with the name you provide – you become the founding member.

All team members have the same permission set - you can manage the team’s profile information and manage members of the team.

Manage your team profile

Any member of the team can manage the team’s profile information. You can in-line edit the team name and description fields on the team profile.

Manage members of a team

Any member of a team can invite and remove other team members. The invitee must already have an Atlassian account. The invitee doesn’t need to be a user on the site. The invite does not grant access to products or content.

When inviter / invitee share an email domain, the invite is automatically accepted. This makes the user immediately appear as a full member.

The last member to leave a team will disband the team.

Who can be a member of a team?

Any Atlassian account holder can be a member of a team. The team membership does not grant product access. Members can see the team, but access to content is still evaluated for each user.

Any team members can add, edit, or remove a team link.

Team links appear in order of creation date, with the most recent link at the top.

Who can find the team?

When a team is created, we take note of the email domain of the founding user. We then allow all other users that share that email domain to discover that team through team search.


Can I use teams for permissions in Jira and Confluence?

No. Teams cannot be selected to grant permissions. We have plans to introduce this functionality in the future.

Can I @mention a team?

No. You cannot mention a team. We have plans to introduce this functionality in the future.

I have people outside of my site that are members of a team - can they see my content?

The team links are always visible to anyone who can see the team. The list of work is filtered based on the permissions of the viewing user.

Why can I see my team at another location that has nothing to do with my team?

Teams are tied to you, the user, not to any one site. This means that teams you can see will be visible in all sites you work on. It also means you don’t need to worry about teams being visible to the wrong people.

How do team invites affect product licenses?

Team invites have no impact on product licenses. A user could be invited/added to a team who does not have access to content, and they would appear as a member.

Where will teams show up?

Teams are visible in Atlassian People directory. In the future, teams will begin to appear across products in places like shares, mentions, and permissions.

FAQs for admins

Can I turn teams off?

No. It’s not currently possible to disable teams.

How do teams relate to groups?

Teams are similar to groups, but there are a few key differences:



Available for any user to create

Owned + Maintained by site admin

Membership is “open” - can be joined by users that can see the team, and can have any email address invited to the team.
(Note, this does align closely to a Trello team)

Membership is restricted to people already available in the userbase.

They have a profile that people not on the team can find.

Only available for end users in a few pickers.

Meta-data is a name + description + members in Site Admin.

Can’t be used for permissions (yet)

Used primarily for permissions - even for things like product licenses.

As a result, we will be maintaining both groups and teams at the same time.

Can I power a team using a group?

No. It’s not possible to power the membership of a team from an admin controlled entity.

Last modified on Oct 5, 2018

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