The upgrade to Atlassian account

We're implementing Atlassian account upgrades progressively. We'll upgrade users who have access to an Atlassian cloud product to an Atlassian account if they don't yet have one. Currently, all Bitbucket Cloud users have an Atlassian account. Soon, Bitbucket users will be able to log in to additional cloud products with the same account.

If you host our products on your own server, this upgrade won't impact you. If you use a combination of our Cloud and Server products, for example you host Confluence on your own server, but use cloud-hosted JIRA, Bitbucket, and HipChat, this upgrade only impacts your JIRA, Bitbucket, and HipChat users. You'll continue using the server-hosted Confluence as usual.

If we told you that we're updating the users for your site, any users that already have an Atlassian account with the same email address will be able to log in to your site with their existing Atlassian account.

To upgrade to an Atlassian account, your users follow a simple upgrade process, like the one shown in the following example. The upgrade screens differ depending on your user's situation and products.

Upgrade impact

The upgrade may have an impact on REST APIs and BOT accounts.


Before your users' accounts upgrade to Atlassian account, REST APIs that accept user credentials expect a username and password. After the upgrade, REST APIs that accept Atlassian account user credentials expect a verified email address instead of a username.

BOT accounts

After your users' account upgrade to Atlassian account, BOT accounts using basic authentication to access our products continue to work only if the BOT account is associated with a single product's instance. If the same BOT account accesses multiple sites in different instances, then you may need to make the BOT account unique or create a new verifiable email address for your BOT account.

This is a temporary workaround until we introduce app-specific passwords, which will allow BOT accounts to access your site securely without verifying the email address.

Single sign-on integrations

If you have single sign-on set up through an integration between your identity provider and your cloud product, your integration will continue to work after the upgrade to Atlassian account. During the upgrade, we'll send your users a verification email when they log in. Some IdP integrations may need to be updated as part of the upgrade to Atlassian account. For customers using Okta, review their Atlassian account upgrade guide to understand what you might need to do. 

Your users won't have to change their passwords during this process because their single sign-on password becomes their Atlassian account password. After the upgrade, we recommend that your users don't change their Atlassian account password, only their signal sign-on password. If they do change their Atlassian account password, it'll no longer work when your identity provider pushes a password change.

If your users already had an Atlassian account

They keep logging in with the password they were already using until your identity provider pushes a password change to their account. To make things easier, we recommend that they update their Atlassian account password to be the same as their single sign-on password.

Atlassian account rollout plan

Here's our rollout plan for getting your users onto Atlassian account.


We've integrated Atlassian account for Bitbucket. 

Bitbucket users who haven't logged in to Bitbucket with an Atlassian account are progressively migrated to their new Atlassian accounts when they do.

We're currently integrating Atlassian account for HipChat.

Customers that sign up for a new HipChat group will get an Atlassian account and can use the same set of credentials to sign up for / log in to other Atlassian Cloud services set up for Atlassian account. 

We'll progressively upgrade existing HipChat groups to an Atlassian account. We'll notify admins prior to moving, and they'll be able to temporarily postpone their migration if they have specific concerns.

We recommend that customers using Okta or OneLogin integrations to provide faux single sign-on for their users temporarily postpone their transition to Atlassian account.

We're currently integrating Atlassian account for JIRA Software, JIRA Core, JIRA Service Desk, and Confluence. Depending on eligibility, you may have been upgraded or invited to upgrade.

Things to know

  • To be eligible for an upgrade, your instance must have no duplicate emails in the user base, Atlassian account is a unique identifier based on an email address, so each user must have only one email address.
  • We recommend that customers using Okta or OneLogin integrations to provide password push single sign-on for their users temporarily postpone their transition to Atlassian account.

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