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We're in the process of updating the admin experience. In the meantime, you may not be able to access this part of your organization administration.

If your company has two Atlassian organizations, you can transfer all the products from one organization to another. After the transfer, we’ll delete the original organization that you transferred products from and you’ll find all your products in the destination organization.

Transferring products to another organization is permanent. Before you transfer your products, make sure it’s something you want to do because you can’t undo the transfer.

Transfer benefits and what will change

What won’t change


  • You’ll be able to see and manage all the users for your verified domains from the same place.

  • You can configure user provisioning for all your users from the same place so that all products have access to provisioned groups.


  • Users will keep the same product access permissions for the transferred products.

  • Users won’t encounter downtime or loss of access.


  • Organization admins of the original organization become admins of the destination organization.

  • All organization admins become site admins of all sites associated with the organization.


  • Site admins of transferred sites remain site admins of those sites.

  • Organization admins of the destination organization remain admins.


  • You’ll be able to access all products from one organization.

  • You’ll have a list of all products on the Overview page of your organization.


  • If both organizations each have the same products, you’ll have multiple instances of the same product – no products will merge.

  • Products will retain their separate URLs, permissions, projects, spaces and controls.

  • Product admins will retain their roles.

  • Apps will remain connected to sites.


  • You’ll have one place within your organization where you can see each of your bills across all products.


  • You’ll still have the same number of bills (minus the bill for your canceled Atlassian Access subscription) – none will merge.

  • Your product bills will still be separated by site.

Transfer checklist

Before you transfer products, complete this checklist for the organization that you no longer want:

  • Remove all security configurations, which include SAML SSO and user provisioning for the organization or G suite for sites.

  • Cancel your Atlassian Access subscription. See Changes that your users will notice when you unsubscribe.

  • Remove verified domains from the Domains page. You’ll need to reverify all domains again from the organization where you transfer all products.

  • Make sure you’re an admin of both organizations. If you aren’t, ask an admin for the other organization to make you an admin.

To prepare your products for transfer, we have these recommendations:

  • Inform product admins that you’re transferring their product to another organization. This transfer won’t impact their roles or how they administer products, but it may impact their users who will be managed by a different organization.
  • Review admins for both organizations. As mentioned above, organization admins of the original organization become admins of the destination organization AND all organization admins become site admins of all associated sites. If you’d prefer less users with those admin permissions, remove those users from either organization’s Administrators list before the transfer.

Transfer process

You want to transfer all products from one organization to another so that you only need to administer one organization and stop using the other. As shown in the diagrams, you can only transfer products from an organization with no security configurations or verified domains.

When you transfer your products to another organization, you have no choice but to transfer all products to the destination organization, which means:

  • You’re unable to transfer only one site’s product to another organization – it has to be all site’s products.

  • You can’t transfer only one site if the organization has multiple sites.

1. You have two organizations

You start out with two organizations that have one or more sites with products, and you want to consolidate all your products under one organization. Before you can begin the transfer process, you’ve removed all verified domains and security configurations from the organization you no longer want to use.

2. Products move to another organization

You select Transfer products from the organization you no longer want to use.

3. One organization manages all products

As you can see, transferring a site doesn’t merge products together. It moves those products over so that you still have difference instances of the same product.

When the transfer is complete, we’ll delete the organization that no longer has products and you’ll be unable to access it. Refer to the table above for more details about what happens when the transfer is complete.

Transfer products

After you’ve completed the transfer checklist and you understand the transfer process, you can transfer all products from one organization to another.

To transfer products to another organization:

  1. Log in to and choose the organization you no longer want to use.

  2. Click Settings, then Details from the left navigation.

  3. Click the Transfer products button and follow the screens. We’ll walk you through selecting the destination organization and reviewing your changes before you confirm the transfer.

Transferring products to another organization is permanent. After you transfer your products, we’ll delete the original organization that no longer has products. You can’t undo the transfer.

Last modified on Apr 16, 2019

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