Work as a team in Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud is all about helping you and your team to work better together. As a team member, you just need a single Atlassian account to  work with others from anywhere.

There are a few things that you and your team will use to succeed with Atlassian Cloud:

  • Your personal profile and settings

  • Your team profile

  • Search for people and team profiles

  • Personal Privacy and Security

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Work as a team

Personal profiles and settings

Your profile helps others get to know you, and lets you express yourself a little. Everyone who can get to your profile can see recent work you’ve done on Atlassian Cloud.

  • Add your personal details to give people the facts

  • Set a nickname to tell people what they should call you

  • Upload your profile photo so that others can put a face to your name

  • Upload a cover photo to give your profile some personality

See Privacy below to find out how to control what profile information others can see.

Read about your profile and managing your settings.

Team profiles

The people you work with every day to achieve a shared goal is your team. You could be in a project team, a service team, a leadership team, a rapid-response team, or more.

Team profiles allow you to give that set of people an identity and a shared context.

  • Give your team a name and description to tell everyone what you’re about

  • Give your team a cover photo to add some personality

  • Manage team members to be clear about who’s on the team

  • See what the team is working on to keep up with progress

  • Add team links to tie all your work together

Team profiles can be seen by other people in your organisation, so everyone can find you and understand what your team is working on.

Read about teams and team profiles.

Search for people and teams

Atlassian’s people directory is the home for user and team profiles in Atlassian Cloud. When you arrive, you’ll see teams you’re a member of, and the people who have most recently collaborated on the same content as you.

The directory allows you to search the people and teams you work with, and take a look at their profiles to get a better understanding of what they’re doing.

You can create a new team from the Directory home screen.

Read about the Atlassian people directory.

Privacy and security


We provide you with privacy controls that allow you to manage who has access to your personal data.

Read about privacy controls.


Your account security is managed through your profile. Security controls like Multi-factor authentication, Single Sign On, and more are available when managing your account at your profile.

Read about Atlassian accounts.

Last modified on Oct 5, 2018

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