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Use your profile to tell people about yourself.

Upload your profile photo so that others can put a face to your name, and upload a header photo (hover over the image) to give your profile some personality.

See who you work with

On your profile, we display a list of up to 8 other users that you work with on your site. We calculate this list by tallying the number of work items (Jira tickets or Confluence pages) that you collaborate on with each user. The more work items you collaborate on, the higher they'll rank in this list.

The algorithm includes content that a users looking at your profile may not be able to access - for example, 10 Confluence pages that are restricted to only two users would count towards this tally. This means that anyone looking at this profile could see the this relationship between those two users.

Manage your profile

Click Manage account to edit your profile information, security and privacy settings, and to see links to any Atlassian Cloud product settings.


Manage your profile information, and click on your profile photo to remove or change it.


Change your email and manage your email preferences.

If your Atlassian account is managed by your company or with Google G Suite, you'll need to ask your admin or go to your Google account settings to change your email address.


Change your password, and go to your Atlassian account to manage two-step verification and API tokens. 

If your Atlassian account is managed with Google G Suite or uses SAML single sign-on when you log in, you'll need to go to your Google account settings or ask your admin, to change your password.


Choose the level of privacy on your account to control who can see your profile information:

  • Only me - your profile information is not visible to others.

  • Everyone - your profile information is visible to people who share your email domain. This is the default setting.

  • Public - your profile information is visible to anyone who invites you to their content by email.

Note that your name, nickname and profile photo are always visible to people who invite you to their site by email. Read more about how privacy controls work in Atlassian Cloud.

These profile visibility settings apply when viewing profiles in the Atlassian people directory.

Profiles visible in Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello do not currently apply these settings. We are working towards being able to offer privacy controls within those products as well in order to provide more choice over your profile across products.


See the products you have access to in the Atlassian Cloud site you’re viewing (this is based on the site URL, for example Click a product to change things like email notification preferences in your profile for that product.

Connected apps

See the third-party apps that you’ve allowed to access your Atlassian account information and content through OAuth. You can review the details, and revoke the access, of each app.

Last modified on Jan 14, 2019

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