Getting randomly logged out of Atlassian Cloud

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Users get logged out of their Atlassian Cloud instance after a short period of time and have to log in again. This happens even if the user checks the "remember me" option.


A bit of a background to understand some of the possible causes of being randomly logged out is to understand how the "remember me" token works in Atlassian Cloud:

The 'remember my login' cookie is a long-lived HTTP cookie. This cookie can be used to authenticate an unauthenticated session. Atlassian Cloud generates this cookie when the user selects the Remember my login on this computer check box or Remember me on the login page.

  • For the original login functionality: The 'remember me' cookie key is seraph.rememberme.cookie.
  • For the new login functionality: The 'remember me' cookie key is ondemand.autologin.


  • Clearing browser cookies will allow only the 'ondemand.autologin' cookie to be stored.  The life of this cookie is 30 days. 

Logging out in one session will log you out from all sessions

Some users may use third party applications to access to JIRA Cloud or its APIs, for example:

  • mobile or desktop apps that connect to Atlassian Cloud apps,
  • scripts or programs that use Atlassian Cloud's remote APIs incorrectly,
  • old versions of the IDE Connectors.

Upon logging out from the mobile or desktop app, or upon running the script/program that accesses Atlassian Cloud's remote APIs, they find themselves logged out of Atlassian Cloud in their main browser within 10 minutes.


  • Do not log out from the mobile or desktop apps. Also ensure they are at the latest version.
  • Change your scripts/programs that use the Atlassian Cloud remote APIs such that they:
    • do not explicitly log out / destroy the session; and
    • do not send basic auth credentials with every request (only on the initial request, then use the returned cookie to stay authenticated).
  • Update to the latest version of the IDE Connectors.

Clicking on JIRA/Confluence links from MS Office Apps

Users that are logged in to Atlassian Cloud may be faced with a login prompt when clicking links to JIRA, Confluence, etc. from within a Microsoft Office application (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.).


The affected user will need to make a registry change. To access the Windows registry, type regedit in the search box within the Start menu.

The registry change consists of setting or creating a DWORD key ForceShellExecute with value 1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\Internet.

AOD-6317 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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Last modified on Sep 8, 2016

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