How to delete a status in jira workflow?

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Remove a status from an active JIRA workflow. 


You can only delete statuses from inactive workflows. If the workflow you are trying to edit is currently used by a project you will need to:

  • create a copy of the workflow,
  • delete the status in the copied workflow (which will be inactive)
  • associate this newly created workflow to the workflow scheme
If this workflow is used by many projects that have different workflow schemes, you will need to manually add this new workflow to all workflow schemes.

Create a copy of the workflow:

  1. Go to the Cogwheel > Issues > Workflows
  2. Click a copy next to the workflow you wish to change
  3. Name this copy as you wish,
  4. This copy will now be an inactive workflow
  5. Click Diagram to see the workflow in diagram view

How to remove a Status from a workflow:

  1. Click on the status you wish to remove
  2. Click Remove Status

To activate this newly created workflow:

  1. Go to the Project Settings > Workflows,
  2. Check if this is the workflow scheme you wish to use for your project (NOTE: you can click Switch Scheme if you would like to use another Scheme for the project, and proceed to the next step)
  3. Click on Add Workflow (If this button is greyed out, it means that the Workflow Scheme is used by other projects as well, and it will show a link from where you can edit it, the procedure continues to be the same)
  4. Choose Add Existing > Choose the workflow that you would like to add (the inactive one), chose Next > chose the issue types you would want this workflow to be applied to > Finish,
  5. Click Publish to publish the draft,
  6. Click Associate,
  7. Click Acknowledge



Last modified on Jun 29, 2016

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