How to fix plans that are stuck and cannot be stopped during migration in Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA)

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When a Confluence cloud migration assistant plan is stuck or cannot be stopped in a state where it's not complete, it sometimes prevents the success of future plans and other plans in progress.

There is a bug report for the plans that gets stuck after an attempt to stop them:

MIG-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Before proceeding with the steps below generate a full Confluence backup and make sure that there are no migration plans running.


To resolve this issue, you need to access the Confluence database and proceed with the instructions below.

   1.  Check if any scheduled jobs are running: 

select * from scheduler_clustered_jobs where job_runner_key like '%migration%';

The expected result is 4 rows of data with values below in job_runner_key column:

  • migration-plugin:queue-broker-job-id
  • migration-plugin:analytics-events-consumer-job-id
  • migration-plugin:stale-checks-cleaner-job-id
  • migration-plugin:detected-emails-weekly-job

If more than 4 rows are returned, please DELETE all rows whose job_runner_key values is NOT one of the above.

If there are not results, proceed with the next steps. The correct order to to fix is: Work Item → Step → Task → Plan

    2. Check if some work items are in progress:

select * from mig_work_item

If there are any rows returned, please run the following query to DELETE them:

 delete from mig_work_item

   3.  Check if there are any migration steps RUNNING:

select * from mig_step where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

If there are any rows returned please change their executionstatus to FAILED:

update mig_step set executionstatus = 'FAILED' where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

   4.  Check if there are any migration tasks RUNNING: 

select * from mig_task where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

If there are rows returned, please change executionstatus to FAILED:

update mig_task set executionstatus = 'FAILED' where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

    5.  Check if there are migration plans RUNNING:

select * from mig_plan where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

If there are any rows returned, please change executionstatus to FAILED: 

update mig_plan set executionstatus = 'FAILED' where executionstatus = 'RUNNING'

Once this is done, a new migration plan can be created and executed.

Last modified on Jan 17, 2022

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