Jira Service Desk Cloud request type permissions update

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.

What's changing

We're updating the way request type permissions work in Jira Service Desk Cloud projects on 24 February 2019 to remove any potential security risks

Impact on your site

Depending on your permission settings, and if your customers belong to any Jira Service Desk organizations, the user picker custom field (which lets people search for users and share requests with them) may appear blank. Forms with a required user picker are affected by this update, as the user options will no longer be visible.

Suggested solution

If your site has a Jira Service Desk project with request types that have a user picker custom field, we recommend reviewing the available settings below and changing the user picker field from a required to an optional field.

To access the user picker:

  1. Go to Settings then Request Types
  2. Choose the Request Group 
  3. Toggle the Visible Fields required field to 'No'


Who can they see in the user picker and share drop-downs (user suggestion/ browse)?

Who can they select or share with, in the user picker and share dialogs?

Only customers in their organization.

Only customers in their organization - if they don’t belong to an organization, they can't see anyone.

Only customers in their organizations - if they don’t belong to an organization they cannot pick anyone.

Any customer, via email address.

Only customers in their organization - if they don’t belong to an organization they can't see anyone.

Anyone, via email address.

Customers or organizations, by searching for a project.



If you need any help, please contact our Support team.

Last modified on Jan 22, 2019

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