Keeping a Task Private for a Specific Status

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The purpose of this knowledge base article is to provide a step by step on how to keep a task private while it is in a specific status in a workflow, and then make it public again when needed. This scenario might be important to some users when a ticket is created but they don't want users to see it until a certain step of the task has been completed. Doing this will require two specific functions of JIRA Cloud. The first function that will be utilised is Issue Level Security, and the second will be Post Functions in project workflows.



  1. First we want to create a new Issue Level Security Scheme. For full documentation on these Schemes and the associated concepts, please reference Configuring Issue-level Security

  • Navigate to the JIRA Administration Issues menu.
  • Select Issue Security Schemes on the left menu panel.
  • Click on the button "Add Issue Security Scheme".
  • Name your Security Scheme and give it a description, then click Add.
  • Select the "Security Levels" option to the right of the new scheme you have created.
  • Create a new Security Level. An example for what you would want to name this might be "Restricted" or "Secure Group Only".
  • Once created, select "Add" to choose the users/groups who should be able to see the tasks created that should be private and restricted from others.
  • Navigate to the project with the issues you want to be secure, go into Project Administration > Issue Security, and associate the newly created security scheme.

2. Now we will want to modify our workflow to add post functions to our transitions that will add our security to issues, and remove it once we want the issues to be publicly visible. For full documentation on Workflow Configuration, please reference Advanced Workflow Configuration

  • Navigate to the workflow that the project is using (or workflows).
  • Go into edit mode in the workflow, and select the transition that takes place before the status you want the task to be private in.
  • Add a post function of type "Update Issue Field", select the field "Security Level", and choose the security level that you added in the scheme created earlier.
  • Once updated, select the transition that takes place before the status that will take the issues back to normal (without security).
  • Add a post function of type "Clear Field Value", and select the field "Security Level" to be cleared.

3. Test the transitions to make sure the security works the way you need it to. This would involve either creating a test issue in that project, or transitioning an existing issue.

Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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