Unable to change user email with error saying it is already taken, but the other account is not visible in the organization

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Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


There are cases where an Organization Admin needs to change User's Email Addresses but is unable because the desired email is already taken. In some cases, the Organization Admin cannot find that account in the organization.

The reason for that is because the duplicated account is not verified. Unverified accounts are not displayed on the Managed accounts page of your Atlassian Organization, even if you have Verified your Domain(s). An Atlassian account is unverified if the end-user has not accepted the invitation email or has never logged in.

This is being tracked in the bug ACCESS-617 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The solution for this scenario would be changing the desired email, however, you can't as you are unable to access that account.


You can access that account if you replace the Atlassian account ID (AaID) into the URL.

  1. Go to the Managed accounts page and access any user account
  2. Notice that the last parameter in the URL is the AaID of the current account
  3. Replace the AaID Value for the AaID of the account that is not appearing

To get the Atlassian account ID (AaID) of the account that is not appearing, you can (1) look in the Users page of your cloud instance and find the user invitation, or (2) use the Export accounts at the Managed accounts page of your Atlassian Organization.

If you are unable to find the Atlassian account ID, reach out to support at http://support.atlassian.com/contact.

DescriptionOrg admin cannot see a user account in the Managed accounts page if the user has not accepted the invite or verified his account

Last modified on Dec 21, 2020

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