Access Log Scripts

The access log scripts are attached to this page. To use the scripts:

  1. Unzip the 7z file.
  2. Copy all the daily access logs to a folder called logs.
  3. Run Atlassian-processDailyLog.rb. This will generate a csv file called summary.csv and several directories which contain the access logs of each defined user action.
  4. Run the appropriate script Atlassian-processDailyLog-hourly.rb <admin/comment/create/edit/search/rss>. Each script will generate a different csv file. For example, Atlassian-processDailyLog-hourly.rb admin will process the admin logs extracted in step 3.
  5. Import the csv files to www-log-Analysis.xls (summary.csv to 'raw stats - daily' sheet and admin.csv to 'admin -hours' sheet, etc) to generate the load profiles and graphs. You may need to modify the number of rows in each sheet depending on the number of logs.

(warning) The information on this page does not apply to Confluence Cloud.


All scripts are written in Ruby and assume the log file name contains the string ''. Scripts need to be changed if another name is used. Modify the line: filenameRegexp ='')

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