Activity Stream Gadget

The activity stream gadget is similar to the recently updated macro and shows a list of the most recently changed content within your Confluence site.

(info) For instructions on how to use Confluence gadgets in your applications, please see Confluence Gadgets.

In addition to showing a list of most recently changed content, the activity stream gadget also groups activities by separate date, and provides an RSS feed link to its content in the top-right corner. 

Activity Stream Gadget Properties

Properties are settings for Confluence gadgets that allow the user to control the content or presentation of data retrieved by the gadget. These are similar to a Confluence macro's parameters. The table below lists relevant properties for this gadget.








Adds a title to the top of the Activity Stream.



None specified (i.e. display content in all spaces)

Filters the content by space. This gadget will display only the pages etc. which belong to the space(s) you specify here.



None specified (i.e. display content by all users)

Filters the results by user. The macro will display only the pages etc. which were last modified by the user(s) you specify here.

You can specify one or more user, separated by a comma or a space.

Number of Entries



Specify the maximum number of results to be displayed. A maximum of 10 results will be displayed by default. The maximum value that this property can accept is 100.

Refresh Interval



Specify the time interval between each 'refresh' action undertaken by the activity stream gadget. A refresh makes the activity stream gadget reflect any new activity that has been conducted on the Confluence site.

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