Commenting on pages and blog posts

A comment is a remark, question, or any other additional information you wish to add to a page or blog post. People can use comments to interact with each other on your Confluence site.

You can add a comment to any page or blog post, provided that you have the 'Add Comments' permission in the space. You can also show that you agree with or enjoyed someone else's comment, by liking it.

Comments are displayed at the bottom of the page, below the page content. They appear in one of two views, configured globally by a site administrator:

  • Threaded – This view shows the comments in a hierarchy (tree) of responses. The replies are indented to indicate the relationships between the comments.
  • Flat  – This view displays all the comments in a single list and does not indicate the relationships between comments.

Adding a comment

You can add a comment on pages and blog posts in Confluence. To add a comment, you need the 'Add Comments' permission. See Space permissions.

To add a new comment:

  1. Type your comment in the comment field at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Choose Preview to see how your comment will appear.
  3. By default, Watch this page is ticked.This means that you will start receiving notifications about this page. Uncheck this if you do not want to watch the page.
  4. Choose Save.

You can also highlight any text on a page, and choose the Quote in Comment button that appears near your selection. This will add the highlighted text into the comment field, apply the Quote style, and leave the cursor in the comment field ready to type a comment.  If you do not see a popup when you highlight text, check that Text Select is enabled in your profile settings. 

To respond to a comment:

  1. Choose Reply located below the text of a comment.
  2. Type in your response.
  3. Choose Save.

To reply to comments, your Confluence site must display comments in threaded view.

Editing a comment

To edit a comment, you need the 'Add Comments' permission. See Space permissionsSpace administrators can edit all comments within their space. The date on a comment always indicates the time the comment was last edited.

To edit a comment:

  1. Go to the comment and choose Edit.
  2. Make changes to the comment just as if you were adding a comment.
  3. Choose Save.

Deleting a comment

To delete a comment from a page, you need the  'Remove Comments' permission. See Space permissions.  Deleted comments cannot be restored.

To delete a comment:

  1. Go to the page that contains the comment.
  2. Choose Delete at the bottom of the comment box.

If you do not have 'Remove Comments' permission, you are able to delete your own comments, but only if there are no replies to the comment. 

Linking to a comment

You can link directly to a comment on a page.  See Working with Links for more information on linking to comments. 

Disabling comments

To prevent all users from adding comments in a space, remove the 'Add Comments' permission from the 'confluence-users' or 'users' group, anonymous users and all other users and groups. See Space permissions. The option to add comments will no longer appear on pages or blog posts. You need to be a space administrator to change the space permissions.

There is no permission that controls comments across the entire site.


  • You can choose Tools > Watch to receive an email notification whenever anyone edits the page or adds a comment to the page.
  • Your profile picture will appear next to each comment that you have added. (This is true if your space uses the Confluence Default theme.)
  • On blog posts only, an 'Author' lozenge will appear on any comments made by the original author of the post. 
  • Comments are not auto-saved. See feature request: CONF-12978 - Add auto-save/draft feature for comments Open
  • It is not possible to delete all comments for a page simultaneously.
  • Individual users can choose to disable the Text Select popup that is used to enable quote in comment. See Editing User Settings.
  • There is no option in the default Confluence user interface, to change the order of comments. For example, it is not possible to show the most recent comments at the top. Here are some options to investigate:

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