Confluence Gadgets

This page describes the purpose of the 'Confluence Gadgets' dialog and how to access it, and provides information about the gadgets that are bundled with Confluence.


  • Interact with and provide access to data in your Confluence installation.
  • Can be used externally such as on a JIRA dashboard, a page or blog post of another Confluence site, or any compatible page on a we site that accepts gadgets, such as iGoogle. (But see the limitations on using Confluence gadgets in other applications.)

The gadgets dialog

The 'Confluence Gadgets' dialog displays a list of all the Confluence gadgets available in your Confluence installation. The Confluence gadgets bundled with Confluence are described below. Any additional Confluence gadgets installed by your Confluence administrator (typically as Confluence plugins), will also appear in this list.

To access the Confluence Gadgets dialog: Choose the help icon at top right of the screen, then choose Available Gadgets.

You can use a Confluence gadget within the same Confluence site, by adding it to a page or blog post using the gadget macro.

You can also add Confluence gadgets to external applications. See Adding a Confluence Gadget to a JIRA Dashboard and Configuring Confluence Gadgets for Use in Other Applications.

Screenshot: The 'Confluence Gadgets' dialog

Confluence gadgets

This following table lists the gadgets which are bundled with Confluence. Click the name of the gadget for more information.



Confluence Page Gadget

The Confluence page gadget allows you to show content from a page on your Confluence site in a gadget. You can optionally configure the gadget to display links to view and/or edit the page on your Confluence site. The page gadget can also be displayed in canvas view, so that it takes up all of the space provided by your dashboard.

Activity Stream Gadget

The activity stream gadget is similar to the recently updated macro and shows a list of the most recently changed content within your Confluence site.

Confluence News Gadget

The Confluence news gadget is an example of a 'news feed' gadget that shows a list of recent Confluence Product Blogs and events at Atlassian.

Confluence Quicknav Gadget

The Confluence QuickNav gadget provides the Quick Navigation Aid functionality for searching the Confluence site. For more information on how to use this feature, refer to the Quick Navigation Aid section of Searching Confluence.

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