Confluence Installation Guide


Before beginning to install Confluence, please check that:

  • Your system meets the minimum system requirements to run Confluence.
  • This version of the Confluence documentation matches the version of Confluence that you are installing. The Confluence documentation version you are currently viewing is indicated toward the top of the page tree on the left or in the 'breadcrumb trail' in the top banner of this page. If you need to access a different version of the Confluence documentation, use the control at the top of the page tree on the left or you can access it from the documentation home page.

If you have chosen a package that includes add-ons such as Team Calendars or the SharePoint Connector you will need to install these from within Confluence after your setup is complete. See Finding new add-ons for information on how to find and install the add-ons. 

Choose the Confluence Installation Type

Choose the type of Confluence installation you'd like from the table below, and follow the link(s) to the installation instructions.

Installation Type


Install Confluence via the Atlassian installer. This is the easiest method of installing Confluence.
(info) This is the best option for evaluators.

This option requires you to manually carry out installing the files and configuring system properties.
(info) Use this option if there is no specific installer for your operating system.

EAR/WAR distribution (Zip Archive)

This distribution allows you to deploy Confluence onto your own existing application server, instead of the Apache Tomcat server bundled with the regular distribution.

Confluence Clusters (Zip Archive)

Confluence Data Center is a clustered solution for large enterprises. Please read the Confluence Data Center Technical Overview to find out if Confluence Data Center is right for your organisation.

Please read Running Confluence in a Virtualised Environment if you are interested in running Confluence in a virtual machine.
If you wish to upgrade Confluence, see Upgrading Confluence.

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