Copying a Page

You can copy a page, to create a duplicate of the page content. You will need to rename the page, because a page name must be unique within a space.

You need 'Create Pages' permission, which is assigned by a space administrator from the Space Administration screens. See space permissions or contact a space administrator for more information.

To copy a page:

  1. Go to a page in the space and choose Tools > Copy. Confluence will open a copy of the page in the editor. By default, Confluence will name the page 'Copy of <<original page name>>'.
  2. Rename the page and make any other changes required in the body of the page.
  3. If you need to move the new page to a different space or a different parent, you can edit the Location. Refer to the instructions on moving a page.
  4. Click Save.

Screenshot: Copying a page


  • Copying a page will duplicate all of the original page's attachments and labels, but will not copy comments from the original page.
  • This method of copying a page does not copy the child pages. Please add your vote to issue CONF-2814 if you'd like to see this improvement.
  • You can copy an entire space, including all pages in the space (parents and children) — refer to these instructions on copying a space.
  • Consider using WebDAV to move or copy a page hierarchy from one space to another, provided that none of the page names already exist in the target space.

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