Disabling the Built-In User Management

By selecting the 'External user management' option in Confluence, you can disable the group and user management screens in Confluence. You need system administrator permissions to set this option.

You will find it useful to select external user management under the following circumstances:

To disable management of users and groups within Confluence:

  1. Choose the cog icon , then choose General Configuration under Confluence Administration.
  2. Click 'Security Configuration' in the left-hand panel.
  3. The 'Edit Security Configuration' screen will appear. Click 'Edit'.
  4. Tick the 'External user management' check box.
  5. Click 'Save'.

If you disable the built-in user management:

  • You will not be able to use public signup in your site.
  • The Forgot Password link will not appear on the Confluence login page. 
  • Users will not be able to reset their password in Confluence. 


  • Please refer to the following bugs and improvement requests:
    • CONF-16709 – When the External User Management check box is ticked, the group and user management screens are still functional.
    • CONF-21158 – Enabling both public signup and external user management renders a blank screen during signup.
    • CONF-9830 – This is a request to rename this feature to better reflect its functionality.

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