Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to HTML

In Confluence, you can export part of, or the entire contents of, a space into a zipped archive of HTML files. This is useful if you want convert your space into a static website.

To use the space export functionality, you need the 'Export Space' permission. See the guide to space permissions.

To export pages to HTML:

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools on the sidebar. 
  2. Choose Export. This option will only be visible if you have the 'Export Space' permission.
  3. Select HTML  then choose Next.
  4. Decide whether you need to customise the export:
    • Select Normal Export to produce an HTML file containing all the pages that you have permission to view.
    • Select Custom Export if you want to export a subset of pages, or to exclude comments from the export.
  5. Select the Include Comments check box if you want to include comments for the pages you are exporting.
  6. Select the pages you want to export.
    • You have the option to Select All or Deselect All pages.
    • When you select a page, all its child pages will also be selected. Similarly, when you deselect a page all its child pages will also be deselected.
  7. Choose Export. This will create a zipped archive of HTML files.
  8. When the export process has finished, download the zipped archive as prompted, and extract the files into a folder.

If your space uses the Documentation theme:

  1. Choose Browse > Space Operations.
  2. Choose HTML Export from the left menu.
  3. Follow the steps above to export the Space.

Screenshot: Selecting pages to export


  • In the zip file, page attachments are placed in individual folders with names in the following format:
    where 'xxxxxx is the page ID of the page containing the attachments.
  • By default, the 'Space Details' page is exported as index.html and displays the space's details as well as a list of all available pages within it.
  • Blog posts are not included in the HTML export. See the feature request: CONF-14684.
  • To customise the HTML output, you will need to modify the file confluence-x.y.z-jar/com/atlassian/confluence/pages/Page.htmlexport.vm. To learn how to repackage this file, see How to edit files in Confluence JAR files

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