Giving Feedback on Confluence Releases

Atlassian is an open company, and we welcome customer feedback on releases of our products.

To provide your feedback, there are several ways you can get in touch with Atlassian: 

1. Atlassian Answers

If you have a question like "How do I do (a given task) with Confluence now?", then Atlassian Answers is the best place to visit. There, our vibrant community of power users and developers quickly answer questions of all kinds and provide information on advanced tips and tricks.

2. The Atlassian Public JIRA

Atlassian collects and tracks customer feature requests and bug reports in our public instance of our issue tracker, There, you can request new product features or report bugs, as well as see all of the other feature requests and bug reports that customers have raised. If you agree with another point that's been raised, you can vote on it to help it along. The Atlassian product managers read and maintain the issues in JIRA, so this is the best place to lodge your opinion about the product.

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