Recording Change Comments

A 'change comment' is a short description that summarises the changes made to a page during an editing session. Change comments are a useful way of keeping track of the history of a page.
A change comment is not the same as a comment added to a page. Refer to Commenting on pages and blog posts for information about that type of comment.

Note that once a change comment has been added and the page has been saved, it is not possible to update or remove the change comment.

Entering a Change Comment

You can enter change comments in the field located below the edit screen:

Screenshot: Entering change comments

Viewing a Change Comment

To see the most recent change to a page and any change comment that may have been entered, choose the edited date on the byline.  You can also go to Tools > Page History to see change comments for all versions. 

Viewing a History of Change Comments

The change comments for a page are recorded under the 'Recent Changes' section of the page's 'Info' view and in the page's 'History' view.

Screenshot: History of change comments on Info view

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