Resuming the Editing of a Draft

If you have typed some content into a Confluence page or blog post, Confluence will save a draft of it, even if you were not able to successfully save the page or blog post, or add a title to it.

There are two ways to resume editing an unsaved page or blog post:

A. Using your drafts view. To resume editing a draft from this view:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Drafts.
  2. Choose Resume Editing next to the appropriate draft to resume editing that draft.

Note: If you had not yet entered a page title, the draft will be listed with the title 'Untitled'.

B. If you had created a new page or blog post but did not save it, then when you next add a page or blog post in that space, Confluence will ask you if you want to resume editing the page that was not saved. If you click resume editing, the draft and its unsaved content will be restored, allowing you to continue editing it.

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Screenshot: Resume Editing


What happens if I am editing the draft of a page that has since been updated?

When this happens, Confluence will display a message informing you that you are editing an outdated page. If there are no conflicts between the two versions, Confluence will give you the option to Merge and Resume editing.

If there are any conflicts, Confluence will give you the option to View the Conflict or to Discard your changes. 

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