Viewing Space Activity

Space activity information is disabled by default. See notes below.

If enabled, the space activity screen displays statistics on the activity in each space. These include:

  • How many pages and blog posts have been viewed, added or updated over a given period.
  • Which content is the most popular (most frequently viewed).
  • Which content is the most active (most frequently edited).
  • Which people are the most active contributors/editors of content.

The 'Activity' tab will not be visible unless the Confluence Usage Stats plugin is enabled. See notes below.

To view the activity in a space:

  1. Choose Space Tools in the space sidebar.
  2. Choose Activity.

Confluence will show a graphic display of the number of pages and blog posts that have been viewed, added and edited, showing trends over a period of time.

Screenshot 1: The Space Activity tab

In addition to the graphical representation of Views and Edits, the top ten most popular and most active pages and/or blog posts will be listed, with a link to each.

Screenshot: Popular content, active content and active contributors.


  • To view Space Activity the Confluence Usage Stats system plugin must be enabled.  This plugin is known to cause performance problems on large installations and in Confluence Cloud, and is disabled by default.  System administrators can enable this plugin (go to add-ons, select System add-ons and search for Confluence Usage Stats). 
  • The plugin collects data only when it is activated.
  • If your Confluence site is clustered, the space activity information will not be available. 

  • Page hits are not unique - the graph on the Space Activity screen includes all page hits, including multiple visits by the same user.

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