Working with JIRA Agile in Confluence

By using Confluence and JIRA Agile together, you can unleash the potential in your development team. This page provides some suggestions for how you can get the most of Confluence and JIRA Agile. 

The features described on this page require JIRA 6.1.3 and JIRA Agile 6.3.5 and later. 

Using Confluence and JIRA Agile to define requirements

Confluence is the perfect place to start defining your requirements. Here's how you can use Confluence features to support this process:

  • Create a page using the Product Requirements Blueprint.
  • Create an epic in JIRA - the blueprint template will prompt you.
  • Collaborate with your team to define your stories.
  • Highlight text on your requirements page to create stories in JIRA and automatically link them to your epic.
  • Track the progress of the stories from the Confluence page or from within JIRA.

The tight integration between Confluence and JIRA mean that you can easily access JIRA issues from the Confluence page, and see their status at a glance, and from within JIRA you can see links to related Confluence pages. All the information you need is never more than a few clicks away. 

Using Confluence and JIRA Agile during a sprint

Often there is a lot of material in Confluence that provides useful context for your team during a sprint. These might be requirements documents, designs, technical specifications, customer research and more. By linking these pages to epics, you make them easy for your team to access during the sprint. 

Here's how you can use Confluence to support your sprint from within JIRA Agile:

  • In JIRA Agile create a Confluence page to plan your sprint - this page is automatically linked to the sprint.
  • In an epic link to useful Confluence pages, including requirements, designs, and more.
  • Report on your progress to stakeholders using the JIRA Reports blueprint.
  • Use the Retrospective blueprint at the end of your sprint to take stock of what went well, and areas for improvement. 

For users who work primarily in JIRA, the integration means that useful Confluence pages are only a click away. 

Viewing links between Confluence and JIRA

The JIRA Links button appears on your page when there are links back to JIRA or JIRA Agile. These might be:

  • Links from a JIRA issue back to a Confluence Page.
  • Links from a JIRA Agile epic or sprint back to a Confluence Page.
  • Link from a Confluence page to a JIRA Issue or epic (created by adding a single issue in the JIRA Issues macro). 

The number on the JIRA Links button indicates the total number of issues, epics and sprints connected to that page, regardless of whether you have permissions to view them. The dropdown will only show details of issues, epics and sprints that you have JIRA permissions to view. 


  • The JIRA Links button only appears in the default theme. It is not visible in the Documentation theme.
  • The button does not detect links from issues displayed in the JIRA Issues macro in table format.

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