Favourite Spaces and Pages

Marking pages or spaces as favourites means you'll be able to access them quickly from the dashboard, spaces directory, or from your profile. It's a great way to get to the content you access every day. 

Add favourite pages and spaces

To add a page as a favourite:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Choose
     >  Favourite

    The menu item will change to Remove Favourite, so that you can remove the page form your favourites if you want to later.

To add a space as a favourite:

  1. Choose Spaces > Space directory in the Confluence header
  2. Choose the star icon next to the space name in the list of spaces

The star icon will change to dark grey to indicate that you've added the space as a favourite. You can choose the star again to remove the space as a favourite.

To add someone's personal space as a favourite: 
If a user has set up a personal space, you can mark it as a favourite in the same way you mark other spaces as favourites. When you're in the Space Directory, choose Personal Spaces to view all the personal spaces in your Confluence site.

View your favourites

To view your favourite spaces and pages, try any of the following:

  • Scroll to the bottom-left of the dashboard – you'll see tabs for your favourite spaces and pages, as well as your network.
  • Go to SpacesSpace Directory in the Confluence header, then choose Favourite Spaces on the left – this one's for favourite spaces only.
  • Choose your profile picture at top-right of the screen, then choose Favourites – there's a list of your favourite spaces and pages.

Recently updated content in your favourite spaces is also listed in the Favourite Spaces tab of the recent activity feed on the dashboard.

Screenshot: Viewing your favourites in your profile


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