Change Node Discovery from Multicast to TCP/IP

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If you're setting up Confluence Data Center for the first time, it'll step you through the process of choosing your discovery mode and adding cluster nodes. If you're switching from a multicast configuration to TCP/IP (unicast), however, you'll need to edit the confluence.cfg.xml file in the local home directory of each cluster node.

  • Before you make any changes, shut down all nodes in your cluster
  • Make sure the discovery configuration is exactly the same for each node (make the same changes to the confluence.cfg.xml file in each local home directory)

The changes you need to make may differ slightly, depending on whether you've upgraded from an older version of Confluence Data Center or if you've started with version 5.9. We've detailed both methods, below.

To change from multicast to TCP/IP

Look for the following two lines in the confluence.cfg.xml file:

<property name="confluence.cluster.address">[multicast IP]</property>
<property name="confluence.cluster.join.type">multicast</property>

If both lines exist in the file, change them to the lines below; where the confluence.cluster.address property exists, but there's no reference to the confluence.cluster.join.type property, update the first line and add the second line as shown below.

<property name="confluence.cluster.peers">[node 1 IP],[node 2 IP],[node 3 IP]</property> <!-- A comma-separated list of node IP addresses, without spaces -->
<property name="confluence.cluster.join.type">tcp_ip</property> <!-- accepted values are multicast or tcp_ip -->

Enter the address of each node, and separate each address with a comma.

You can now restart your cluster nodes.

To change from TCP/IP to multicast

To switch from TCP/IP to multicast, just perform the reverse of the changes outlined above.

Reference of properties in the confluence.cfg.xml file

key valid values notes


'multicast' or 'tcp_ip' Pre-5.9 Data Center installations won't have this key. By default, if the key is missing, Confluence will choose multicast
a single multicast IP address This key is only used by confluence if confluence.cluster.join.type is set to multicast
a comma-separated string of IP addresses (no spaces) There must be at least one address here. The addresses are the IP address of each node in the cluster. This key is only used by confluence if confluence.cluster.join.type is set to tcp_ip
Last modified on Jul 14, 2017

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