A draft is a version of a page with unpublished changes. Confluence creates a draft whenever you create or edit a page or blog post but haven't yet published the changes.

When you're working on a new page – one that you've never published – Confluence creates it as a draft. If you get interrupted and close your tab or navigate away, your content lives on in your drafts page ready for you to resume editing or publish.

You can even bring in other people to help you edit your draft - just share the URL with them (they'll need the appropriate Confluence and space permissions of course). 

If you're editing a page that's previously been published, but you don't want to publish your changes yet, simply hit Close to close the editor. Your changes are safely preserved in a draft version of the page. For example, you might be editing a page with your team, and no one wants to publish until all the changes are in. The last person to finish editing will publish the page, or everyone else uses Close to leave the editor without publishing.

Find page drafts

Pages that you have created, but have not yet published, are kept in the drafts section of your user profile. To see them, head to your profile picture at top right of the screen and choose Drafts.

Resume editing a draft

There are two ways to resume editing an unpublished page or blog post:

Using your drafts view

To resume editing a draft from this view, hit Resume next to the draft to resume editing it.

Edit a page or post

If you or a teammate edit a published page or post but don't publish the changes (you hit Close to finish editing, navigate away, or just close the tab), a draft is saved. When you next edit the page or blog post you'll see the unpublished changes. Keep editing and hit Publish when you're ready.

If you didn't enter a page title, the draft will be called 'Untitled'.


Resume editing a page with unpublished changes

Once a page has been published, it is no longer a draft, and does not appear in the drafts section of your profile (even if it has subsequent unpublished changes).

To resume editing a published page that has unpublished changes, navigate to the page (via search, the page tree or the dashboard) and hit Edit

Recently worked on on the dashboard is a great way to get back to pages you've edited recently. 

Last modified on Jul 14, 2017

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