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Confluence Data Center is designed to support the unique, and complex requirements of enterprise organizations, providing performance at scale and high availability. This page provides an overview of options and considerations for large enterprises using Confluence. If you want to find out how to make sure Confluence can scale with your organization, this information is for you. 

  • Performance at scaleIf your Confluence instance has a very heavy load (you have a lot of users accessing Confluence at the same time) a clustered installation will spread the load evenly between cluster nodes, enabling you to serve more requests.
  • High availability and failover: If one cluster node goes down, then the remaining cluster nodes can continue servicing requests so that users see little or no loss of availability. 

  • Instant scalability: You can rapidly provision extra capacity with no downtime. Licensing is based on users, not the number of nodes in your cluster. This means you can join additional nodes to your cluster at any time, making it very easy to adapt as your usage grows. 

A look at the architecture

Confluence Data Center enables you to configure a cluster similar to the one pictured here:

Load balancer

The load balancer distributes requests from your users to the cluster nodes. If a cluster node goes down, the load balancer immediately detects the failure and automatically directs requests to the other nodes within seconds. You can use any load balancer that supports session affinity.

Application nodes

The cluster of Data Center nodes share the workload of incoming requests. Failure of a cluster node causes virtually no loss of availability for users, because requests are immediately directed to other nodes. All nodes are active and process requests.

Shared database and storage

Data Center supports the same databases that are supported for Confluence Server. It also supports any shared file system, which stores: import/export files, plugins, Logos directory, shared caches, and any data directory which includes attachments, avatars and icons.

Get started with Confluence Data Center

Contact us to speak with an Atlassian, or learn more about the benefits of Confluence Data Center on our website.

Want to see what's included with a Data Center license? Head to the Confluence Server and Data Center feature comparison.

For all the technical details and considerations, see Confluence Data Center Technical Overview. For help with installation, take a look at Installing Confluence Data Center.

Last modified on Aug 27, 2018

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