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Below are some links to Confluence documentation written in other languages. In some cases, the documentation may be a translation of the English documentation. In other cases, the documentation is an alternative guide written from scratch in another language. This page presents an opportunity for customers and community authors to share documentation that they have written in other languages.

Please be aware that these are external guides.

Most of the links point to external sites, and some of the information is relevant to a specific release of Confluence. Atlassian provides these links because the information is useful and relevant at the time it was written. Please check carefully whether the information is still relevant when you read it, and whether it is relevant to your version of Confluence. The information in the linked guides has not been tested or reviewed by Atlassian.

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Tutoriel – Travailler avec des images dans Confluence


Deutsches Handbuch für Confluence
  • Topic: //SEIBERT/MEDIA hat ein deutsches Handbuch für Confluence ab 3.3 aufwärts erstellt, das kostenfrei online mit vielen Anleitungen mit Screenshots und Videos versehen ist. //SEIBERT/MEDIA has created a German Handbook for Confluence 3.3 and later versions. It is publicly available for free and includes step-by-step inscriptions with screenshots and videos.

    Das Handbuch kann für die Nutzung offline im eigenen Confluence-Wiki auch gekauft werden. Das kann sinnvoll sein, wenn nicht alle Mitarbeiter Zugriff auf's Internet haben. Hier findet sich eine Preisliste für den Kauf aller Inhalte im eigenen Wiki. The documentation is also available for offline use in environments where employees do not have web access, for a fee. See the price list for offline use.

    Darüber hinaus gibt es zahlreiche deutsche Confluence-Video-Tutorials. In addition, there are numerous German Confluence video tutorials.
  • Confluence version: Confluence 3.3 and later
  • Date added: 13 December 2010
  • Latest related English documentation: Confluence 7.0 (Latest)


Confluence ドキュメンテーションホーム
  • By: Atlassian
  • Topic: Translations of the latest Confluence documentation in English.
  • Confluence version: Confluence Latest
  • Date added: June 2015 (ongoing translation)
  • Latest related English documentation: Confluence 7.0 (Latest)

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