Rebuilding the Ancestor Table

This process could take hours in a production instance and new content may not be save-able during this process. It is highly recommended that you take a full backup of your database and then execute this process during a maintenance window.

There is also a known issue in Confluence 5.7 to 5.9 that can prevent the page tree from displaying correctly after the ancestor table is rebuilt. See CONF-41411 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more.

In Confluence, the ancestor table defines what pages are ancestors or descendants of other pages (which can be used by search restrictions with the ancestorids restriction). Occasionally, the ancestor table will become out of sync. When this happens, you can rebuild the table to restore everything to normal.

Access this URL:


After rebuilding the ancestor table, you'll need to flush the "Inherited Content Permissions" cache in Cache Statistics , otherwise the inherited permissions may not be applied immediately to all pages. You may also need to rebuild the content index so that the permissions take effect in search results.

Screenshot: Page level permissions

Last modified on Jul 9, 2017

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