Confluence Server and Data Center feature comparison

If you manage your own Confluence site (it's not hosted by Atlassian), you'll have either a Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center license.  If we manage Confluence for you, you'll have a Confluence Cloud license. 

Your Confluence license determines which features and infrastructure choices are available.  

Feature comparison

Here’s a summary of available features for Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center. If you’re interested in having Atlassian host and manage your products, see how a cloud plan compares on our Confluence features page

Core featuresServer licenseData Center license
Create spaces
Create spaces to store your team or project work.

Create pages
Create pages and blog posts, and work on them with your team.

Collaborative editing
Up to 12 people can work on the same page at the same time. Learn more

Browser and mobile
Use your browser, or use the iOS or Android app. Learn more

User management

External user directories
Store users in Active Directory, Crowd, Jira or another LDAP directory. Learn more

SAML single sign-on
Use a SAML identity provider for authentication and single-sign on. Learn more

via Crowd

High availability and performance at scale

Run Confluence on multiple nodes high availability. Learn more

Content Delivery Network (CDN) support
Improve geo-performance for distributed teams. Learn more

Infrastructure and Control

Read-only mode
Limit what users can do in your site while you perform maintenance. Learn more

Sandboxed processes
Run resource intensive tasks in external sandboxes for greater stability. Learn more

Deployment options

Your own hardware
Run Confluence on your own physical servers, virtualized servers, or in the data center of your choice.

AWS Quick Start
Use our Cloud Formation Templates to deploy Confluence on AWS. Learn more

Azure template
Use our template to deploy Confluence on Azure. Learn more

How do you decide what is included in each license?

We want all teams to get the most out of Confluence, so the core features are available for everyone - including creating pages, working together, organising your work. 

Some features are developed specifically for customers with a Data Center license. These may be specific to the needs of larger enterprises, or may provide additional infrastructure or administrative options to help you when Confluence is essential to getting work done in your organization. 

Find out more about how we prioritize features for our Server and Data Center products in our blog.

Which license is right for your organization?

Considering switching? Learn more about Data Center 

The following articles may also help you decide if a Data Center license is right for your organization.

Last modified on Dec 3, 2019

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