Moving from Data Center to Server

This page outlines how to switch from Confluence Data Center (clustered) to Confluence Server (non-clustered). In these instructions we'll assume that you'll use one of your existing cluster nodes as your new, non-clustered installation. 

You'll need a Confluence Server license to switch back to Server.

Before you begin, you must:

  • stop Confluence on all nodes except one (run as a single node)
  • turn off read-only mode (if it has been turned on).

1. Enter your Confluence server license

Your home directory (configured in confluence\WEB-INF\classes\ should point to your local home directory.

  1. Go to  > General Configuration
  2. Choose License Details from the sidebar under the Administration heading
  3. Enter your Confluence Server license key

2. Shut down Confluence

Stop any cluster nodes that are still running before proceeding. We also recommend configuring your load balancer to redirect traffic away from Confluence.

3. Move items in the cluster shared home back to local home

  1. Create a directory called /shared-home in the <local home> directory on one node (if you removed this directory when installing Data Center)
  2. Move the following directories and files from your <shared home> directory to the <local home>/shared-home directory
    • config
    • confluence.cfg.xml
    • dcl-document
    • dcl-document_hd
    • dcl-thumbnail
  3. Move the remaining contents of your <shared home> directory to the root of your <local home> directory

Your cluster's shared home directory should now be empty. 

(warning) Make sure you don't accidentally overwrite the confluence.cfg.xml in your local home directory. The confluence.cfg.xml file from your shared home directory doesn't contain the same parameters as the one in your local home directory. 

4. Start Confluence

The setup wizard will guide you through the migration process.

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To confirm you're now running the non-clustered edition, go to  > General Configuration. The 'Cluster Configuration' page should not appear. Instead you'll see information about Confluence Data Center.

Last modified on Nov 4, 2019

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