Edit attached files with the apps on your desktop

Confluence already lets you store a wide range of files to share and discuss with your team. We're making updating and managing those files even more convenient with the launch of our new "Edit with app" feature. It lets you open files stored in Confluence with your desktop apps and edit them, then automatically re-uploads the updated version to Confluence. Now you can get feedback on that preso, edit it in Powerpoint, and have it back on Confluence in no time.

Edit with app replaces the old "Edit in Office" feature, which came with some pretty gnarly prerequisites meaning it was restricted to a few of you with the right operating system and browser combo.

To edit a file:

  1. Click on the file to open the file preview
  2. Click Edit with at the top right of the preview window and click the default app listed
    The first time you click Edit with we'll prompt you to download the Atlassian Companion desktop app, which'll enable the download and re-upload of your files.
  3. Edit the file in the relevant desktop app and save it
  4. Head back to Confluence and hit Update to confirm you want to store the updated file as a new version





Some apps will try to change the file format when saving—from .docx to .odt for example. If the app doesn't use the same format by default and tries to change it, it'll confuse the Atlassian Companion app and the file won't automatically re-upload. Edit with app works when you save the file in the same format as was stored in Confluence.



Looking for similar functionality for Confluence Server? Check out KontextWork's awesome GoEdit add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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