Collaborative editing

Collaborative editing takes teamwork to the next level by letting you and your team work together in real time on software requirements, meeting notes, retros, and any other Confluence page. See who's editing the page with you, and see changes as they happen.

Changes save and sync automatically, so everyone editing sees the same thing. And, because we're saving all the time, there's no need to manually save. Publish now or keep the draft and publish it later—you're in control.

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Heard enough and ready to opt-in to the beta release? Head to > General configuration > Collaborative Editing on your Confluence Cloud site.

Pretty soon we'll be releasing collaborative editing to all Confluence Cloud instances.

If you're keen to opt-in to the beta, please pay close attention to section 11 of our Customer Agreement, which refers to the use of beta versions.



So, what’s new with collaborative editing?


Real-time collaboration

Work together with your team and see their changes in real time.

No more merge conflicts

Collaborative editing uses shared drafts. There's no need to merge, because you're all working on the same page.

No need to save. We’re on it

Changes are auto-saved as you make them, so now your only decision is when to publish.


Things you should know


Once on, it’s on for keeps

Collaborative editing makes some under-the-hood changes to your instance. If you choose to turn it on, you can’t turn it off after trying it.

(It'll be on for all Confluence Cloud sites pretty soon, anyway)

Limited content auditing

We don’t yet have the same auditing capabilities with collaborative editing. All page changes are currently attributed to the person that publishes the page, rather than the person who made each specific change.

Changes in drafts aren’t versioned

We’re saving all the time in collaborative editing, but we don’t save versions in a draft. When restoring an earlier page version, you can only roll back to published versions (the page draft is deleted when you restore a previous version).

Changes to drafts

It's fair to say that drafts are a somewhat misunderstood part of Confluence. Here's the skinny:

Previously, every time you edited a page but didn't save it, Confluence would create a draft of the page that was only visible to you—we call these personal drafts. A page that only you can view is obviously no good for collaborative editing.

Now that collaborative editing is here, Confluence creates a draft whenever anyone edits a page and doesn't publish their changes, and all page editors work on the same (shared) draft. Because everyone's working on the same draft, the stakes are a little higher when you want to discard a shared draft. You can still do it, but we'll warn you that you may also be discarding changes made by your teammates.

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