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This content ONLY applies to the legacy editor. The Companion app IS NOT compatible with the new editor.

You can edit an attached file using its native desktop application and automatically re-upload it to Confluence.

Edit an attached file

To edit a file stored in Confluence:

  1. Click on a file to open it in the file viewer.
  2. Click Edit with, then select the app name. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to download the Atlassian Companion app.
  3. Edit the file in the appropriate desktop app and save it.

  4. Go back to Confluence and click Update to confirm you want to save your changes as a new version of the attached file.

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Here are two other quick ways to edit files:

  • Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments and click Edit file.
  • Click Edit file on the file thumbnail (this option won't show up on image files).

The Atlassian Companion app

To start editing files, you'll need to download the Atlassian Companion app, which manages the download and re-upload of files you edit. Just click Edit with as described above and we'll prompt you to download it.

Once you download, the companion app opens files you edit in the default desktop app for that file type. To change the app files open in, change the default app used to the file type.

The companion app will add an icon to your system's toolbar, like this one . It's a good idea to select it and set the app to launch when your computer starts up to make sure the companion app is always ready for you to edit a file in Confluence.

Some apps will try to change the file format when saving—from .docx to .odt for example. If the app doesn't use the same format by default and tries to change it, it'll confuse the Atlassian Companion app and the file won't automatically re-upload. Edit with app works when you save the file in the same format as was stored in Confluence.

Last modified on Feb 13, 2020

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