Manage Watchers

As a space admin, you may want to control who's notified about changes and updates to pages and posts within a space. You'll do this by managing the watchers of specific pages and posts, or of the entire space.

Take the example of a new member starting on your team, who should see when changes are made in the team space – you can add them as a space watcher so they get updates when any page or post in the space is changed. If someone no longer needs to be notified, you can remove them as a watcher just as easily.

To manage watchers:

  1. Go to the page or blog post you'd like to manage
  2. Click Watch icon, then select Manage Watchers

To add a new watcher to a page, post, or space, enter their username in the relevant search box and click Add.

To remove someone, click the trash icon next to their name.

Manage watchers interface

Last modified on Jul 3, 2018

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