Marketing plan template

Marketing plans help you coordinate and track assets, campaign activities, and deliverables across multiple teams. As you plan the programs you'll run throughout the year, your marketing plan will keep you and your team on track to meet your goals.

Use the Confluence marketing plan template to plot out the work you'll do throughout the quarter or upcoming fiscal year. Define objectives, add research on your market and competitors, and work out timeline and budget details for the programs you'll run. The template even includes hints and tips that conveniently disappear when you start writing.

To create a marketing plan:

  1. Tap  on the sidebar.
  2. Select Marketing plan, then tap Next.
  3. Tap Create and start filling in your plan.
  4. Tap Publish.

How to use marketing plans

Define your marketing strategy

Fill out your plan as a team and align on your goals and direction for the coming year. You can divide up the work or host an offsite to tackle it all together. Once you're done, share your plan with leadership to get buy-in before you start work on individual programs and campaigns.

Run programs and campaigns

Use your marketing plan as a source of truth to guide work on programs and campaigns. Stay on top of budget, risks, and deadlines, and keep your team up-to-date with the latest market research and positioning statements.

Integrate information with marketing apps

Connect to the marketing tools your teams use everyday to make your marketing plan the one source of truth for all your information. Discover apps and integrations for Confluence that help your team customize your marketing plans. 

Reflect on what you learned

Let your marketing plan guide your thinking as you start to think about the next year. Review your objectives, assess what worked and what you can improve upon, and use that information to figure out your next steps.

Customize your template

Marketing plans are created from a blueprint template, which means they come bundled with Confluence and are available across your whole site. Blueprint templates can be customized for each space, and the site admin can even change the default blueprint template for your whole site. To learn more about customizing blueprint templates or creating your own templates, see Blueprints and user-created templates.

Last modified on Jul 11, 2019

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