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How is content arranged in spaces?

Think of a space as the container that holds all the important stuff a team, group, or project needs to work. Each space has its own pages, blog, and files.

Each space also has an overview, which is the first page you'll see when you visit the space. You can edit the overview—just like other pages—and add shortcuts to the sidebar to help people navigate their way around your space.

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Spaces can't be nested—you can't have a space within a space—but you can use labels to categorize spaces. Spaces with the same label will appear together in the the space directory.

Inside the space, you can nest pages and create as many levels of hierarchy as you need. When talking about nested pages, we often refer to "child" pages, which are pages that are nested below another page, also called the "parent" page.

Each space's blog lets you share news and make announcements. Blog posts help keep people involved in what's going on in your team or project. There's no need (or way) to arrange blog posts within a space, as they're arranged in date order—just post and it'll appear in the right spot under Blog in the sidebar.

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You can set different levels of access for each space, and the pages and blogs within it, using Permissions and Restrictions.


There are three main ways to view spaces in Confluence:

  • The space directory – Click Spaces in the Confluence sidebar for a list of all the spaces you have permission to see. Filter the list of spaces by either typing in the Filter field or selecting from the categories on the left.

  • My Spaces – Select the star icon in the space directory to add a space to My Spaces. These spaces will then appear in the global Confluence sidebar. 
  • Space switcher – When viewing a space, click the arrow next to the space name in the sidebar to see a list of your recently viewed spaces. 

The spaces list macro allows you to display a list of spaces on a Confluence page, and lets you filter them by category.

Hover over the bottom right of the space sidebar, and click on the pencil icon that appears to start customizing your sidebar:

Sidebar with edit icon (left), and sidebar while editing (right)

  • Show or hide content types: Don't use a blog in a particular space? Click the cross to hide it. Need it back again? Hit the plus to bring it back. You can do this for your overview, blog, and any add-on content types, such as questions or calendars. 
  • Add space shortcuts: Add important content to your sidebar using space shortcuts. You can link to pages in the space, other related spaces, or relevant external web content. 
  • Drag to reorder: Reorder your links and content types by dragging and dropping. 

Last modified on Mar 18, 2020

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