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Important features and navigation are together in the sidebar. The sidebar is contextual, meaning it'll show you things that are most relevant to what you're working on now. It's broken up into a few components.

Global sidebar

That thin blue strip down the left edge—that's the global sidebar. It supports the things you need to do no matter where you are in Confluence: search, create pages, access your profile, see notifications, and get help. Need to switch over to JIRA? Click the app-switcher—three horizontal lines—to change apps.

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Seeing a grey strip rather than a blue one? You're working in a space, and the sidebar's in collapsed mode. Drag the right edge of the sidebar to expand it, or type [ .

Icons in the global sidebar

 – The application logo. Click this to show the Confluence sidebar and return to your site homepage.

 – Recent pages. Click this to see a list of pages you’ve recently visited or worked on and pages that were saved as draft.

 – Search. Find pages, spaces, and other content. The search field also shows recently visited pages and spaces before you start typing. Type / on your keyboard to quickly open search.

 – Create. Click the plus to create a new page, either blank or from a template. Type C on your keyboard to quickly create a blank page.

 – Notifications. Find out what's happening in Confluence and other Atlassian apps, like JIRA.

 – App switcher. Switch to other Atlassian Cloud apps, like JIRA, and go to recent Confluence spaces and JIRA projects.

 – Help. Get online help, and find out what's new in your Atlassian Cloud apps.

 – Your profile and settings. Go to or create your personal space, find out about the new Confluence experience, and adjust your Confluence settings.

Confluence sidebar

Click the Confluence logo at the top of the global sidebar, and you'll see the Confluence sidebar. It keeps you up to date with what your team's doing, helps you find and resume your work, and gives you quick access to important spaces.

The Confluence sidebar is also where you go to administer Confluence, if that's your role. Click Settings (or the cog icon) to configure Confluence and any add-ons. If you're a site admin, click Site admin to manage users and groups.

More useful things you can do from the Confluence sidebar:

  • View and create spacesClick Spaces to visit the space directory, where you can view all spaces on your site and create new spaces.
  • Search for people on your site. Click People to visit the people directory.
  • View content from add-ons like Team Calendars for Confluence and Questions for Confluence.

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Not seeing the Confluence or space sidebar? Drag the right edge of the global sidebar to expand it, or type [ on your keyboard.

Space sidebar

Once in a space, the space sidebar gives you access to the space overview, pages, blog posts, space tools and add-on content. The trusty page tree is still there—click Pages in the space sidebar to reveal it.

Switch from one space to another: Go from one space straight to another using the space switcher. Click on the down arrow next to the space name to see a list of your recently visited spaces, then select any of those spaces to open them up.

Choose what appears in your space sidebar

  1. Click Space settings in the Confluence sidebar. 

  2. Click the Sidebar configuration tab.

  3. Use the toggles to determine what appears in the sidebar.

Additional customization

  • Add space shortcuts: Add important content to your sidebar using space shortcuts. You can link to pages in the space, other related spaces, or relevant external web content. 

  • Drag to reorder: Reorder your links and content types by dragging and dropping. 
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To quickly switch between spaces, combine keyboard shortcuts with the power of the new search. Type / to open the search field, then click one of your recent spaces at the bottom of the search panel.

Your content is the main event

To maximize the amount of space for your content, drag the right edge of the space or Confluence sidebar until it collapses into the global sidebar. You'll still have access to the same options, but they'll turn into icons so they don't take up much room.

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Type [ to toggle the sidebar between expanded and collapsed modes.


Features and common actions

How do I create pages?

Click  in the global sidebar—on the very left of the window—and pick a template or blank page.

(tick) Tip: Type C to quickly create a blank page

Where's the page tree I used to see in the sidebar?

When you're in a space, click Pages in the sidebar to reveal the page tree (or the  icon if the sidebar's collapsed). If you'd like to see the page tree when you're viewing a page, expand the sidebar and you can see them side by side.

(tick) Tip: Type [ to expand and collapse the sidebar

How can I quickly switch between spaces?

Click the  icon, always available in the sidebar, to open search and your recent spaces are at the bottom of the list. You can also switch to recent spaces and JIRA projects by clicking the app switcher .

(tick) Tip: Type / to quickly open search

Another way to enable quick switching between spaces you use a lot is to star a space, which adds that space to Starred spaces. Head to the space, click on Overview if you're not already there, and click Star this space.

Once a space is in My Spaces it's listed in the Confluence sidebar. Click the Confluence logo at the top left to reveal the sidebar, then click the space's name (or icon if the sidebar's collapsed).

Where's the Spaces menu with my recently visited spaces?

Click the  icon to open search and look for the Recent spaces section at the bottom of the list.

There are also a couple of other ways you can get back to things you were reading or working on.

  • Add spaces you visit regularly to Starred space. From the space overview, click Star this space, and the space will be added to your Starred spaces list in the Confluence sidebar.
  • Use search to get back to pages you've viewed recently. Click search in the global sidebar and you'll get a list of pages you've viewed recently.

Is there a way to quickly expand and collapse the sidebar?

Yes! Type [ to toggle the sidebar between the expanded and collapsed modes.

Can I customize the sidebar in this version of Confluence?

Sidebar customizations aren't possible at the moment, but you can still add shortcut links to any page, space, or external URL in a space's sidebar.

How do I get to other Atlassian apps, like JIRA?

Click the app-switcher—three horizontal lines in the global sidebar—to change apps.

Admin questions

How do I configure Confluence and any add-ons?

Click the Confluence logo at the top of the sidebar to make sure you see the Confluence sidebar, then click Settings (or the cog icon if the sidebar's collapsed).

How do I manage users and perform site admin?

Click the Confluence logo at the top of the sidebar to make sure you see the Confluence sidebar, then click Site administration (or the cog icon if the sidebar's collapsed).

Last modified on Mar 6, 2020

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