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There are a few ways to quickly find pages you've recently visited or worked on. If you are in the middle of a task and want to get to a recent page, opening the recent pages drawer from the global sidebar helps you do this quickly without losing your context. If your task is to review and work on a recent page or pages you’ve saved for later, go to Your work in the Confluence sidebar.

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The recent pages drawer can be opened by clicking the icon or by using the keyboard shortcut g + r.

When the drawer is open, you can use the tabs to easily get to pages based on your recent interaction with them, or you can use the filter to narrow the list based on characters in the title of the page.


The tabs segment your recent pages into the following groups:

  • Visited – Pages you’ve viewed or edited

  • Worked on – Pages you’ve edited; this list may also include drafts and pages which have unpublished changes, both of which will be indicated as such

  • Drafts – Pages which have been saved but not published

All pages are sorted by date with the most recent page at the top. If you saved a page for later, you’ll see a star next to the page name.


Text entered in the filter field helps you narrow the list of pages already visible on the three tabs by searching the page titles; the filter does not return pages not already visible to you in the list of recent pages, nor does it search the text of the pages. 

If you are looking for a page not visible in any of the tabs, use the search action accessible from the global sidebar.

Your work

Your work gives you lists of pages you've recently worked on, recently visited, drafts, and pages you've saved for later. In the Confluence sidebar (click the Confluence logo if you don't see it) choose Your work, then use the tabs to choose the appropriate list.

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Your recently viewed pages also appear when you click search  in the sidebar, before you start typing a search query.

Last modified on Aug 6, 2019

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