Restricted functions in Confluence Cloud

The following table lists all of the functions that are restricted in Confluence Cloud, even to users with administrator permissions. The table also lists whether the function can be configured by Atlassian Cloud Technical Support on request. If not, then it is unavailable for configuration in Confluence Cloud.

Restricted Function

Configurable on Request?


System Administrator permissions


The Confluence 'System Administrator' global permission is not available in Confluence Cloud.

General Configuration

  • Server Base URL
  • External user management
  • Content Indexing


Content Indexing can only be done by the System Administrator. You can request that to be executed by filing a ticket at

Daily Backup Admin


Backups are managed globally. See Your data.



Please see Add-ons and plugins for the list of supported add-ons.

Mail servers (POP/IMAP/SMTP)


Atlassian Cloud comes with an internal SMTP server configured to send notifications.
The prefix is not configurable.

Mail accounts No Mail to Page functionality is disabled.
Mail archiving (at the space level) No

User macros


User macros allow arbitrary HTML and JavaScript to run in Confluence.

Attachment storage


Attachments enabled by default, maximum size set to 100MB.

Look and feel

  • Layouts
  • Custom CSS


As Confluence uses a custom theme, it is not possible to customize the layout.

It is also not possible to style Confluence with CSS.

Custom HTML


HTML Macros No  The macros allow arbitrary HTML and JavaScript to run in Confluence.

Backup & Restore


Confluence exports can be created manually from the Backup Manager.

Full Site migration can only be done in Confluence only sites.

Importing Pages from Disk No Import a Text File requires access to the Confluence server, which is not possible for Cloud customers.

Logging and Profiling


Cluster Configuration




This is already enabled by default. For more information, see Confluence REST API .
XML-RPC, SOAP has been deprecated. 

External Gadgets No
Customizing source files No
Space Activity / Confluence Usage Stats plugin No
Workbox and in-app notifications configuration No
Renaming users Yes It is possible to rename users from the Cloud User Management.
Spam prevention / CAPTCHA Yes CAPTCHA for anonymous editing and commenting is disabled by default. If you have problems with anonymous spam on your instance you can request that it be enabled by filing a ticket at
Configuring HTTP Timeout Settings No
Configuring Secure Administrator Sessions No
Hide the People directory No
There's a Feature request at CONF-7837 - Getting issue details... STATUS
PDF Export Language Support No You can't upload a font in Confluence Cloud, but you can request help from our support team to do this. See Create a PDF in Another Language for more info.
Custom database configuration No Changes like this can adversely affect the performance of Confluence Cloud.
WebDAV (view and manage pages and files via WebDAV client) No
Linking to anchors in add-on macros No In Confluence Server, you can link to an anchor macro that's embedded within a macro provided by an add-on. This isn't possible in Confluence Cloud. Any links to anchors within macros will take the user to the relevant page rather than the specific location of the anchor macro.

Discontinued features

Confluence is undergoing some exciting changes to make it simpler and easier to use. This table outlines the Confluence features we plan to discontinue in future. This may be because the feature is rarely used, or because removing it will allow us to further develop and improve other parts of the product. 

The timeframes below are estimates only and may change. We'll make sure you have plenty of notice in the weeks leading up to the change if your site is affected by the change. 

Status  Feature When More information
Status Updates and User Status List macro August 2015 Announcement blog
Documentation theme April 2016

Announcement blog 

View Space Activity (Usage statistics) December 2016 As this plugin is disabled by default, we've directly emailed affected instances to let them know. If you didn't get an email, there's no need to worry about this.
WebDAV (view and manage pages and files via WebDAV client) December 2016


Wiki markup in the editor September 2017

Confluence is moving from wiki markup to markdown. You can still use wiki markup in some places, but we're fully supporting markdown so you can format as you go. Read the community post for more.


Nested tables December 2017 Existing nested tables won't be affected, but you won't be able to create new nested tables. Read the community post for more.


Obsolete macros March 2018

We're cleaning up some obsolete macros.

Announcement blog

Temporarily unavailable features

Status  Feature When More information


Some functions in new blogs February 2018 Some features will be temporarily missing from new blogs as we clean up your editing experience. Read more at Confluence Editing Improvements.
Last modified on Mar 12, 2018

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