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Saving pages for later helps you access them quickly from your desktop or mobile device

Save a page for later

To save a page for later, hit the Save for later (star) at the top of the page, or tap the

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 and choose  Save for later on your phone or tablet.

On this page:

Get back to your saved pages

To view your saved pages:

  • Click Your work in the Confluence sidebar, then choose Saved for later.
  • Choose your profile picture at the bottom of the sidebar, then choose Saved for later. There's a list of your saved pages, and the spaces that you've added to My Spaces.
  • Tap the Saved tab on your mobile device.

Your work interface, with the Saved section open

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You can also use the Favorite Pages Macro to include a list of your saved pages on any page.

Last modified on Jul 3, 2018

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