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Sometimes, in the history of Confluence, we've added an easier way to do something, without remembering to take away the difficult way of doing that thing. There was a time when you had to open the macro browser and find the strikethrough macro just to add a line through your text. We later added a strikethrough button to the toolbar (much faster!) but still kept that strikethrough macro around.

But we've been hearing from customers that these outdated macros add unnecessary cruft, and make it harder to discover the really powerful macros that have advanced functionality - like the roadmap planner, or table of contents. So, in our latest round of improvements, we've decided to clean up the macro browser.

Below you'll find a list of the macros that are being removed, and the alternative methods you can use to get the same results.

Obsolete macros 

Macro Alternative method

Align your content by using the align options in your toolbar

Background color Use a panel

Use the center align feature in the toolbar

Cheese Type "I like cheese!" (smile)
Confluence news gadget Link to https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/blog
Content by user

Create a normal link to a search for the author using the following link structure:


For example, if I wanted to search for everything created by Desiree Conceicao on connie.atlassian.net, the link would be


Use native ©:

On Windows, press the Alt key and hold it down while typing 0169 on the keypad.

On Mac, press the Option key and hold it down while typing g on the keyboard.

Create space button

Create a link to the following URL, substituting your own site name:


For example, on connie.atlassian.net, the link would be

Fancy bullets

If you want to use images or symbols as your bullets, you can still achieve a similar effect by adding them in manually, and indenting your list (although your bullets won't be outside of the indent). 

Alternatively, if you're planning on printing a page with bullets, you can export that page to PDF and use Confluence's PDF stylesheet function to style your bullets however you'd like. 

Favorite Pages

Create a link to the following URL, substituting your own site name:


For example, on connie.atlassian.net, the link would be

Gallery Insert images directly
Global reports You can already get all this information through space tools
Highlight Use a panel
HTML comment

If you want to leave a comment on a page that isn't visible to your readers, you can do this by making the text white. Alternatively, add a change comment when you publish your page.

IM presence If you need to know whether someone's online, it's probably easier to check that messaging service than to create a page with this macro on it. 
Loremipsum Use one of the many online tools for generating placeholder text like https://www.lipsum.com/
Multimedia Drag and drop media directly onto the page
Navigation map Use the children display macro
No format Use the code block macro
Privacy mark Insert a link to your privacy policy
Recently used labels

Use the more functional Related labels or Content by label macro.

Registered Trademark

Use native ®:

On Windows, press the Alt key and hold it down while typing 0174 on the keypad.

On Mac, press the Option key and hold it down while typing r on the keyboard.

Search results Create a normal link to search results page directly for your keyword(s)
Service Mark Use superscript and type SM
Space attachments Add a label to all the pages with attachments, then use a content by label macro
Space details Copy/paste your space details from space tools

Add strikethroughs to your text by using the strikethrough option in your toolbar.


Use native ™:

On Windows, press the Alt key and hold it down while typing 0153 on the keypad.

On Mac, press the Option key and hold it down while typing 2 on the keypad.

Other macros being deprecated

The JUnit Report Macro doesn't get used in Confluence Cloud, so we're removing it.

The other macros listed here do get used, but their main use case is to make content look better and more readable, which is something we're now building into the editing experience as a default. As we're moving closer towards a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, we also want to remove macros like this as they have the potential to break pages.

    • Rollover
    • Div
    • Span
    • Style
    • JUnit Report

We want your feedback

Deprecating some features is necessary for us to build better products, but we want to ensure that we're still meeting your needs. If you believe that we shouldn't deprecate one of these macros, please comment in a ticket with the details of how you use it, so we can determine whether we need to come up with a better solution. 

Current tickets:

CONFCLOUD-59930 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CONFCLOUD-65774 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Last modified on Jul 5, 2019

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