Do I get access to the source code? If yes, can I customize the code?


Do I get access to the source code? If yes, can I customize the code?




JIRA Software, JIRA Core, Confluence, Bamboo, Crowd, Bitbucket and SharePoint Connector for Confluence commercial, academic, and Starter License holders receive source code to the software, allowing for in-house customizations and changes. Atlassian's software is flexible and customizable. You can do changes to source code only in the most complex setups.

We provide JSP source code to Crucible and FishEye commercial, academic, and Starter License holders. And we offer source code access to only a few Atlassian products. 3rd party Marketplace and Atlassian Add-ons may not include access to source code.

Under the terms of the Atlassian End User Agreement, licensees are permitted to change the source code to develop bug fixes, customizations or for extra features. As Atlassian software is proprietary, under no circumstance may licensees embed the source code into another application, nor can a licensee copy or in any way use elements of the source code within other applications.

NOTE: Some customers may not have access to product source code due to U.S. Export Control restrictions. You can find more information at



Last modified on Feb 15, 2019

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