How to use developer licenses and to whom are they available?




How to use developer licenses and to whom are they available?






Developer licenses are available to the existing commercial, academic, and select Starter license holders (not available for cloud products). They are also available for who wish to use non-production installations in testing and development of the Atlassian software (e.g. version upgrades, customizations to the software, etc.). Note: You cannot do non-production installations on a live production instance.

You can use developer licenses for non-production software installations deployed on a cold standby server.

We provide this license without any charge and the maintenance expiry date of this license is synchronized to the maintenance expiry date of your product.

The technical contact for the license can create a developer key by following these steps:

  • Log in to My Atlassian.
  • Click the Atlassian product in question - your account management screen will display.
  • In the Actions section click "View Developer License."
  • Review the Developer License agreement.
  • Finally, click "View" to agree. Then it presents a license key. Copy and paste this key into your development server.

You may create more than one license key if running multiple pre-productions, for example, development, testing, and QA, servers.

Note: JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket Server and some marketplace add-on $10 Starter Licenses do include access to Developer Licenses. If you see the alternative to "View Developer License" in the license details panel you have access to a key. All other Starter License holders can use our evaluation license to test upgrades or buy a second Starter License.






Last modified on Oct 18, 2016

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