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How can I create subspaces?




In Confluence, you can create as many spaces as you'd like, and they can contain as many pages as you need. However, it's not possible to create a Confluence space inside another Confluence space.

If you're looking to silo different topics or different teams under the same space, you can achieve this by creating several pages under one space and apply the proper permissions to each.

Let’s look at an example: You have 3 different products (A, B, and C) under one project (1), and you wish to provide a separated work environment for each product, but still have them to belong to Project 1.
For that business case, we will create one space, and inside this space, create one page per product.

Your page tree will look like:

Once it’s done, you can apply specific permissions to parent pages Product A, Product B and Product C. In this example, we will open these three pages to the management team, but restrict each page to their respective team.

That way, Team A will only see their parent page and the pages under it (child pages) and so on for other teams, while the management team will have a holistic view of the products under their projects.

Additionally, you could label each page related to a specific product with a specific label (like "Product_A"), in order to display dynamic content.

For more information about organizing content, you can check these links:

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Last modified on Jul 9, 2019

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